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Use a green sponge like the one for washing dishes to gently rub your matt jewelry. It will clean the oxidation and will restore the matt (satin) finish from any scratches. Use circular movements for rubbing.
Sterling silver naturally oxidizes with time.

Perfumes, air, salt water, creams, lacquer, sulfur, chlorine and the Ph of the skin can accelerate the wear-out process.

It is recommended to remove your jewelry while taking shower, or during physical exercise.

To clean your jewelry you can use polishing clothes or using a mixture of water with a couple of drops of dish soap.

It is not recommended to clean high polished jewelry, diamond rings and gold rings with toothpaste. However in most of my designs I do not use high polish and prefer semi-polished, rough or textured finish. To clean DS Jewelry with toothpaste, choose plain, solid color toothpaste. Put a small amount over your jewelry and gently rub with a cotton pad or a qtip. Rinse the jewelry and dry it with the soft towel.